Friday, November 18, 2011


Senior Rep Program

MSW Photography - Dubuque, Iowa

Casting Call!

We are currently looking for two student representatives from each of the following schools to be Senior Representatives for MSW Photography.

  • Dubuque Senior High School
  • Western Dubuque High School
  • Hempsted High School
  • Wahlert Catholic High School                                   
  • East Dubuque High School
  • Galena High School
  • Southwestern Wisconsin High School
  • Beckman Catholic High School



What does being a representative for MSW Photography mean exactly?

Being a senior rep means you are a spokesperson for MSW Photography’s senior sessions. All you have to do is show off your awesome pictures to your friends! It’s true! You’ll be supplied with referral cards and with each referral you’ll earn opportunities for special bonuses.

Do I have to pay for my session?

Absolutely not! One of the perks of being a senior rep is special senior rep pricing. You’ll enjoy:
  • Free Mini Rep Session ($100 Value)
  • 50 Referral Cards
  • 5 Watermarked Images to use on Facebook
  • Accordion Brag Album for showing photos to friends in person
  • In addition, you will receive 50% off your full senior session (required additional session)


 What’s required of me?

  • Signed model release
  • Pass out your referral cards to any seniors you think would be interested. Remember, you are our spokesperson!
  • Minimum $100 purchase from full senior session.

Ok, you mentioned special bonuses??

Right! Earn bonuses by referring your friends! With every booked referral you get one credit. Cash in your referral credits for any of the following, or save them up to increase the value of your bonus!
1 referral – $10 print credit
3 referrals – $40 print credit
5 referrals – $60 print credit
8 referrals – $100 print credit
10 referrals – $120 print credit
15 referrals – $175 print credit
To earn your credit, you friend must let us know you referred them at time of booking. Your friends will enjoy an additional $30 print credit with your referral card.

Get Mom and Dad Involved!

Before you can become an official Senior Rep, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian. Once you’ve filled out the application and if you are selected as a representative, a phone  consultation with at least one of your parents or guardians is a must! It's important for your parents to know what you’ll be getting for participating, what is expected of you, and that you are all generally on the same page. Informed parents are happy parents!

Alright, alright! I’m sold! What next?

So are you ready for your session? If you think this program is for you, please contact me at for the senior rep application ASAP. Spots will be filling up quickly!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new blog post- FINALLY!

So I just realized today that I haven't posted a new blog since about a month ago, however things will be changing as I am picking up on business again after the move down to Iowa! I have a wedding this weekend in Brainerd for my good friends Amy and Bryce! I'll then be staying a week in Brainerd for another wedding the following weekend for Jessica and Bob! I will have plenty of things to post then!

Also! The wedding show a week or so back went great! I met a few local photographers and had a great time meeting so many wonderful couples and potential clients. It was a real eye-opener for me into the wedding photography business and I hope my next bridal show on October 23rd goes even better!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Class of 2012 - Meet Molly!

I had my very first photoshoot in Dubuque yesterday with Molly and I don't think it could have gone any better! We probably could have done without the humidity but it was still a great day for photos - there was enough overcast to help eliminate the squinting. :) Molly was great to photograph - shes got a great smile and is very photogenic! I wish her the best with her last year of highschool! Time really does fly by your last year so don't let it go by without all the fun and excitement of being a senior!

Noah and Jackie are Mr. & Mrs!

Another couple who are friends of mine recently got married the last weekend in July and it was a beautiful wedding. I loved the inside of the church with the high ceilings! So cool! These two were meant to be together and I pray their marriage is a blessing each and every day :).

Mr. & Mrs. Githanga!

My very close friends got married towards the end of July and it was a beautiful wedding and I was given the opportunity to be their photographer! It was one of the most interesting and by far coolest weddings I have photographed yet! Below is a recap of their wedding :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dustin & Nancy tied the knot!

I had the honor of photographing my the wedding of my friend Nancy, and her husband Dustin. I had met Nancy our freshman year of college as she had lived on the same floor as me in the dorms. It was a fun year getting to know her and the other girls and now it's crazy to think that her and I are both married now! Time flies by so fast! I wish them the best in their marriage and their future together as Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Moe!! Below are a few highlights from their wedding.