Friday, August 5, 2011

Class of 2012 - Meet Molly!

I had my very first photoshoot in Dubuque yesterday with Molly and I don't think it could have gone any better! We probably could have done without the humidity but it was still a great day for photos - there was enough overcast to help eliminate the squinting. :) Molly was great to photograph - shes got a great smile and is very photogenic! I wish her the best with her last year of highschool! Time really does fly by your last year so don't let it go by without all the fun and excitement of being a senior!

Noah and Jackie are Mr. & Mrs!

Another couple who are friends of mine recently got married the last weekend in July and it was a beautiful wedding. I loved the inside of the church with the high ceilings! So cool! These two were meant to be together and I pray their marriage is a blessing each and every day :).

Mr. & Mrs. Githanga!

My very close friends got married towards the end of July and it was a beautiful wedding and I was given the opportunity to be their photographer! It was one of the most interesting and by far coolest weddings I have photographed yet! Below is a recap of their wedding :)